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Everything You Need To Know About Run Flat Tyres

October 15, 2020

What Are Run Flat Tyres?

Run flat tyres are tyres that can still drive for a period of time after getting a puncture. The idea is that they will provide enough stability to get you safely to a garage to replace your tyre. The general rule of thumb is that with some loss of tyre pressure, you can expect to get up to 50 miles travelled at 50 miles per hour however each tyre will vary. Your fitter can discuss the manufacturer’s specifications with you.

What Is The Point Of Run Flat Tyres?

The benifits are that you don’t have to change a tyre at the side of the road. In case of a flat tyre or a puncture then it gives you the time and miles to either get somewhere safe, like home or to a garage.

As a car fitted with run flat tyres doesn’t need to carry a spare then it also saves space in the boot and weight. You don’t have to spend fuel carrying a spare tyre around everywhere you go.

How Do Run Flat Tyres Work?

The general principle is that they will provide a backup support for the tyre. This is done in one of two ways:

Support ring system.

These provide a ring of hard rubber within the tyre itself to act as a backup should the tyre lose the air.

Run Flat Tyres Ring System

Self Supporting.

These will have a reinforced sidewall capable of supporting the vehicle while it drives to safety.

Self Supporting Run Flat Tyres

Do I Have Run Flat Tyres?

Usually the most simple way to check is to check for the spare tyre. If you have a foam system or a spare tyre in your boot then you probably don’t have run flat tyres. If you have neither then there is a fairly good chance that you do. The tyre experts at Xpress Garage can check this for you, free of charge.

Please be aware that if you purchased a second hand car without a spare tyre or foam then also get the car chaecked for run flat tyres incase you think that you have them but don’t.

Where To Buy Run Flat Tyres In Cornwall?

The best place to buy run flat tyres is Xpress Garage in Falmouth. Our tyre experts can go through the best options for you. We also have a well stocked website selling run flat tyres for you to browse. We have a huge selection in stock and we can order many more tyres in for the next day.

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