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Car Wash In Falmouth

car wash in falmouth
The Best Car Wash In Cornwall

Xpress Garage is offering a superior car wash at an affordable price from £8.00. You car will be hand washed by a trained professional using the industries top products.

So what do you get for your money?

At Xpress Garage hand car wash you will get the following:

  • Unique spray on formula to dissolve grime

  • 60 – 80 degrees hot wash

  • Specialist alloy wheel cleaner thoroughly brushed on

  • Carnauba wash / wax using scratch free brushes

  • Final cold rinse

  • Free tyre pressure and tread depth check
  • Free top up of screen wash
  • Free oil & coolant top up if needed
  • Experienced and trained staff
  • Free tea, coffee or hot chocolate
Eco Friendly

We use recycled rain water for our hand car wash for the following reasons:

  • It is better for the environment

  • It reduced spotting on your car
  • It is deionised so it is clean

  • There is no need to dry it
  • It produces a streak free finish
before car wash in cornwallafter car wash in cornwall
Hand Wash Vs Auto Wash

At Xpress Garage & Tyres, we want you to experience excellent customer service and the benefits of a 100% hand wash and car detailing services.

cornwall car wash
The Benefits Of Hand Washing

Automatic washes often produce less than desirable results. The lack of immediate contact with the vehicle impairs the ability to clean completely and efficiently. Visual inspection by a real person makes sure your vehicle is really clean with that “I just got washed” sparkle.

  • Hand washing cleans areas an automatic wash will miss
  • Hand washing identifies and allows for additional attention for hard to get places
  • Proper vehicle detailing increases the value of your car
  • There is no need to dry it
  • Cleaned by trained industry experts
Hand Wash Starts At £8.00

Feel free to pop in at anytime to receive your car wash.

We also regularly give free car washes to members of our email newsletter list. Be sure to subscribe below.

We clean cars, 4x4s, camper vans & motorhomes including the roofs!