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9 Signs Of A Wheel Alignment Problem

January 11, 2021

Accurate wheel alignment is directly connected to the suspension, the age of the tyres, steering and fuel efficiency. Poor wheel alignment causes rapid tyre wear, and the car begins to use more fuel due to extra pressure on the tyre. If you continue to continue driving your vehicle with misaligned wheels then it can cause some serious damage to the suspension, which may lead to significant repair cost.

Perfectly aligned wheels make your driving safer and increases the life of your car and decreases repair bills.

But how do you know that there may be a problem with your wheel alignment?

1. You Can Feel A Drift When Driving

If your wheels are drifting then it could be the first sign of badly aligned wheels, however it could also be that the tyre pressure is wrong or uneven. Get the tyre pressure checked and if you still feel the car drifting to the left or right then it is time to look at the wheel alignment.

2. There Is An Unusual Pattern On Your Tyres

Check to see if there is an abnormal shape or strange wear on either the inner or outer edges of your tyres. See if one side is unusually more damaged or has a different shape than the other. If you see differences then it is a tell-tale sign to get the wheel alignment looked at.

3. Someone Driving Behind You Notices Your Tyres Not Tracking In The Same Groove.

Ask someone to follow your vehicle to see if the front and back wheels are tracking in the same groove, if not, it means there is some problem with the frame of the vehicle and requires the alignment to be inspected.

4. Vibration Coming From Steering Wheel

A classic way to know that your wheel alignment is out is by feeling a slight vibration on the steering wheel. It can be caused by a few things but a garage with good wheel alignment diagnosis will be able to get to the bottom of the steering wheel vibration.

5. Incorrect Or Unnatural Steering

A vehicle with bad wheel alignment can also make taking a turn harder than usual. Once turning the steering wheel it can take a few seconds to get into the exact position that you expected.

This needs to be looked at straight away to avoid an accident.

6. Squealing Tyres

Get the car looked at if your tyres start to squeal. Wheel alignment problems cause a high pitch noise, particularly when accelerating.

Get Your Wheels Aligned

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