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Free Tyre Safety Check

Free Tyre Safety Check at Xpress

Xpress would like to ensure that all tyres in Cornwall are both safe and legal to use. To do this we are reaching out with our completely free check on your tyres and wheel alignment.

We examine the 

Appointments available 6 days a week for complete convenience. Any service components fitted by Xpress automatically come with a 12 month guarantee.

12 000 Miles or 2 Year Guarantee

The examination includes the digital measurement of wear on brake pads, shoes, brake discs and drums against the manufacturer’s specifications.

The aim is to provide the best possible advice to help you restore the condition and efficiency of your braking system to as near the manufacturer’s original specification as possible. Xpress Brake check takes around 45 minutes to complete in accordance with the recommended specifications from the manufacturer.

At Xpress, we stock Brakes to fit the widest selection of cars and light commercial vehicles, so when your brakes need attention you are never very far away from the solution. We all understand the importance of keeping your braking system working at its optimum level, so why not call in to Xpress today for your free brake check. Terms and conditions may apply.

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Today’s vehicle braking systems involve many different components working together to help you to stop and manoeuvre your vehicle in a controlled manner. The key components of your vehicle braking system include a master cylinder, servo, brake callipers, brake fluid and cylinders, disks, drums, pads and shoes.

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