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  • Loyalty Scheme

    Loyalty Scheme

    At Xpress, we recognise the importance of our customers and our obligation to you. We value our customers and want…

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  • Brakes


    Exam includes digital measurement of wear on pads, discs & drums against manufacturers specs. The aim is to provide the...

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  • Servicing


    Servicing from £49.99. Why pay more elsewhere? Many car owners fully service their car every year or every 12,000...

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  • Repairs


    No matter how small or how big you vehicle repair might be, Xpress garage have a team of professionals ready…

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  • Xpress MOT

    Xpress MOT

    MoTs at Xpress Garage and Tyres cost only £39.00 and that price includes free retests, a free courtesy car...

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  • Tyres


    At Xpress Garage & Tyres we know how important the correct tyre servicing is to you. With trained professionals...

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  • Falmouth Tyres

    Falmouth Tyres

    At Xpress we believe that there is no substitute for quality tyres. Please take a look at this video to…

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  • Diagnostics


    Ever had an electrical fault incorrectly diagnosed? Fed up with paying for a 'fix' that hasn't fixed the problem?

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