Wheel Alignment FAQ

Wheel Alignment FAQ's

Here we are offering 3D full geometry wheel alignment using our high end Hunter’s HawkEye™ high-definition digital imaging alignment system*

This is not to be confused with other garages offering (tracking) as this is from a bygone era and not as suitable for modern vehicles

Why do I need to have my alignment checked?

Modern driving conditions can be hard on your car. Pot holes, badly broken road surfaces, bouncing up onto the kerb (tut tut) can all jar the suspension and steering moving them from their correct position.

How will I know if my car needs re-alignment?

The most obvious signs are uneven tyre wear, usually to the edges of the tread, or the steering wheel not sitting level when driving straight ahead.

The car pulling to one side or an unusual “feel” to the handling are also reasons to get it checked.
Will the equipment you use do the job properly?

Xpress  use the latest Hunter Hawkeye alignment system which is the choice of many leading car manufacturers including Ferrari and Porsche. Hawkeye refers to the same technology seen on the TV, showing the position of the ball at cricket or tennis matches.

The Scissor lift we use, was designed to work with the Hunter system, ensuring accuracy and the safety of your vehicle.

How can I be sure that you can use it correctly?

Our technical director has fourteen years experience on Hunter Alignment System, from their original equipment through to the current evolution that we use. All Xpress staff are fully trained and certified in the use of our Hunter alignment system.

How can I be sure that my car needs adjusting?

The Hunter alignment system takes many measurements from your vehicle, which it compares against a database of the manufacturer’s original specifications. The results are graphically represented on an easy to read, colour print-out. This shows all specifications that are in tolerance in green, and those that are not in red. We then carefully explain the implications of the results.

This all sounds expensive, how much does it cost?

There is no charge for checking your vehicle, if the results show the need for re-alignment, charges start at just £30.00 inc. VAT. for toe-in adjustment, which is the most common requirement. A full price list can be found below.

How long will all this take?

The check will take around 10 minutes. The time for re-alignment, depends on whether it is the front or front and back suspension that requires adjustment, the condition of the components and the levels of road dirt and corrosion. However, this is usually around 20-30 minutes.

Do I need to book?

There's no need to book as we have a dedicated ramp and technician that specialises in vehicle alignments