Falmouth Car Wash

Falmouth Car Wash

The Best Car Wash In Cornwall

Xpress Garage is offering and superior car wash at and affordable price from £8.00. You car will be hand washed by a trained professional and we will use the industries top products.

This offer is available to subscribers of our Newsletter and you can quote this months code on the phone or by using the online submission form below. You will need to book early to avoid disappointment as we only have limited numbers available. We are even throwing in some added extras including a tyre pressure and depth check along with free oil, coolant and screen wash if needed. 

So what do you get for your money?

We offer the best Car wash in Cornwall and you can book today from £8.00. Call Xpress Garage and Tyres on 01326 377997 to book your slot. We only use the best products on the market and you will receive


Hand Wash Vs Auto Wash

At Xpress Garage & Tyres, we want you to experience excellent customer service and the benefits of a 100% hand wash and car detailing services.

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The Benefits Hand Washing

Not only will we give the benefits of free tyre pressure and tread checks and top ups on oil, coolant and screen wash, but we will give you the best car wash in Cornwall. Unlike an auto car wash which can sometimes damage your car there are several other advantages to a 100% hand wash:


Xpress Garage Results

Automatic washes often produce less than desirable results. The lack of immediate contact with the vehicle impairs the ability to clean completely and efficiently. Visual inspection by a real person makes sure your vehicle is really clean with that “I just got washed” sparkle.